Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Even LESS Heroku confusion!

   Way back when, I wrote about easily using Heroku for both staging and production versions of your web site, without much confusion over which was the just plain "heroku" remote, by explicitly designating them as "staging" or "production" instead.

   Now, to make it even simpler, I've written a tiny little script, that lets me just do "script/deploy staging" or "script/deploy production".  Another advantage of using a script is that I can do additional mundane overhead tasks in there.  In this case, I turn Heroku's maintenance mode on before pushing, and off afterward.
#! /bin/sh



if [ -z "$SITE" ] ; then
  echo "Must specify site (staging, production, etc.)"
  exit 1

heroku maintenance:on --app $APP-$SITE
git push $SITE $BRANCH
heroku maintenance:off --app $APP-$SITE
   To adapt it to your own site, simply adjust the APP and, if needed, BRANCH vars.  (If you want to get fancier and deploy the master branch to the production remote and the develop branch to the staging remote, that's a whole 'nother story... but should be pretty trivial to code up.)

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