Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rosetta Stone: the company, and my own

   In other news, I have accepted a post with Rosetta Stone, in Rosslyn VA, and will be starting on October 18.  Oddly enough, I'll be working mainly in ActionScript and Flex... neither of which I know yet!  I'm told that ActionScript is generally similar to JavaScript, which I do know, so at least that's a head-start. 

   What does this mean for you, my loyal readers?  I may soon start doing some of these katas in those languages.  Are you disappointed that I'll be discontinuing Ruby?  You were bound to be disappointed that way eventually anyway.  My plan has long been to build a matrix of problems (such as Dave Thomas katas, other katas, normal life, N-dimensional life, multi-lifeform life, etc.), versus languages, with links to blog posts showing solutions for each problem in each language.  Sort of... my own little electronic Rosetta Stone.

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